Cement Rock Block Sculpture
Block No. 8
In the care of Michael Goldstein and Mary Lou Taylor

With Block #7 we tilted the "open-public"/"enclosed-private" tradeoff toward the open end. With Block #8 we decided to tilt it back toward the "enclosed-private" end. We decided to do another cavern, with its opening only on one side (which would be the top or front), but to make this cavern and opening somewhat larger than the one we made in Block #3 (our first cavern-type block sculpture). It was beginning to feel like we were groping for some optimal tradeoff point on the "open-public" and "enclosed-private" continuum and that we were now trying to hone in on it. Janice and I had different sensibilities about this--she seemed to prefer more openness and I seemed to prefer more enclosed-ness. Block #8 was created in search of Allen's sense of the "optimal" tradeoff point.

Overhead view looking down into cavern


Embedded information plate

Overhead and front view

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