dinner w/lime olive carrot jello Bukoff family homepage & tomb My Mom's first visit to the Mayo Clinic in 1998 allen bukoff conehead halloween mask animated helmet photo corrpution and disillusionment $2 for baby Allen official eChristmas Card photos since 1997 No. We are DEVO. weblog 120 participants/all blank walls stalking the wild breaded pork tenderloin My vanity plate says 'FLUXUS' All eleven issues of the New Wave Psychology Newsletter first website I created.  was picked as internet Cool Site of the Day in January of 1996 See the cement sculptures that Janice & I make what i had for lunch today (blog) a little award winning website I designed in 1996 Who knew that vacumming, ironing, washing the window, cleaning the toilet, or making the bed could be art? in my back yard research gone bad Some of my work 
with The Waitresses
--some of which has been 
in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Innovative & influential band that helped create the Akron Sound some of my work with 
the avant-garde rock band 
Tin Huey cultural anthropology my mini-CD & website 
for 5 Kent State Art students 
who created a wonderful band 
& performance group 1981-1982 Some of my work with the Detroit rock band, Vertical Pillows suburban moms rocking out on nursery rhymes for their kids The World's Largest Collection of Forged Salvidor Dali Signatures The DIY site for making laminated badges a website I created to link people to online Fluxus resources

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