Cement Rock Block Sculpture
Block No. 5
In the care of someone whom is no longer a friend

With Block #4 we created an open crevice in the rock (vs. the enclosed tunnels we had started out with). We felt that Block #4 was the most appealing of the sculptures so far. So for Block #5 we decided to make an even more dramatic crevice in the cement block--one that would go completely through the block and leave an opening on the front, top, and back of the block. We reasoned that such a crevice would provide a lot of light to the interior rocks as well as provide for a wider range of external viewing angles. We suspected that one trade-off in this approach would be a cement block that was weakened by this fissure and that might break more easily under duress (e.g., if it was dropped).

View from front through crevice


Front view from the right


Side view of block on pedestal and close-up of identification tags.

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