Cement Rock Block Sculpture
Block No. 3
In the care of Liz Garst, Coon Rapids, Iowa

In Block #2 we experimented with doing a better job of illuminating the rocks inside by making one of the openings a larger funnel-like opening. We were encouraged by the effect and decided to see if we could make Block #3 look like one large cavern of rocks with one moderately large opening in the ceiling of the cave. We decided that having one fairly large hole into the rock might be good enough for illumination and that a tunnel or hole all the way through the block was not needed for this. Before making Block #1 we were pretty sure that making a "tunnel" or cave that opened on two or more sides of the block was "The Idea" of what we wanted. Here we were at Block #3 and our pursuit of better illumination was already leading us in a potentially new direction.

Overhead view.


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