Cement Rock Block Sculpture
Block No. 2
In the care of Chuck & Jane Keith, Akron, Ohio

The tunnel holes in Block #1 were not very large and the interior tunnels were not illuminated as well as we thought they could be. We thought about embedding little lights in the tunnels to illuminate the embedded rocks, but decided not to give up on natural lighting without further exploration. We wondered if making the "tunnel" openings larger would illuminate and expose the embedded rocks more easily--but not so much that we lose the tunnel or cave effect. So we experimented. We created a tunnel in Block #2 (a branching "Y" tunnel that opened on 3 different sides of the block) and experimented with making one of the openings a larger funnel-like opening..

Block laying on its side. Front and bottom view with larger hole on the front.


Block laying on its side. Top (no hole) and front view.


Block upside down. Bottom and back holes.



A looking-through-the-tunnel view of Block #2.



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