Cement Block Rock Sculpture
Block No. 9
In the care of Peter DeLorenzo and Sharon Tunstall

With Block #9 we decided to create a smaller rounder opening into a larger rock cavern. Our previous cave and cavern designs were more like concave "bowls"--wider at the opening and then tapering down and in. Instead of creating a convex mound of clay for the interior cavity, this time we created a ball of clay and added a small neck for the opening. We pushed rocks into the clay and then filled up the form with cement to surround it and form the block. Block #9 was an attempt to create a large private interior space with an opening that we hoped would still permit good external visual exploration of the cave.

Diagonal view looking into opening into interior cavern


Block showing signs of staining left by decomposing leaves.

Cement block on wooden block pedestal.

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