Candy Band
2005 Van's Warped Tour

Candy Band was one of the local bands
invited to play at the Detroit stop
of the Warped Tour.

We walked all over the Warped Tour venue in the hours before Candy Band's performance
and randomly handed out 400 "obey Candy Band" badges.

We handed out 150 Free Mini-CDs containing all Candy Band recordings to date - 41 songs - during Candy Bands performance.

Being invited to play at the Warped Tour inspired the creation of a Candy Band "punk" persona. Taking Devo's "obey Devo" command and using it with a bunch of suburban mothers who were going to be playing to teenagers seemed like a fun, punky thing to do and inspired the graphics & badges for the special Warped Tour handouts. The head of the Candy Band logo girl was altered to make it look more punkish (& "dysfunctional"). It became the central image for the small wearble badge & CD cover. Getting the band to don some "XL Detroit" t-shirts (a recent creation of my wife's fledgling clothing company) and then pose as the punk band they see themselves as being, produced another terrific image to help create this persona. You can see the full persona in the blog entry I posted the day before the performance (below). There had been other similar "obey Candy Band" blog entries leading up to this, too.

© 2005 Allen Bukoff