Marilyn Priddy's "Extra Special" Birthday"

28-minute streaming video
Amateur home-video quality, so shut up.

Scenes in the movie:

  1. Birthday Girl introduces her family.
  2. Marilyn apologizes for implying her family is a bunch of worthless losers whom no one cares about or loves.
  3. Mickey Mouse impersonator chased by giant penises.
  4. Pinocchio claims Cheryl Bukoff is "a boy."
  5. We learn that world is not so big.
  6. Wordgirl falls back on her English Major credentials.
  7. Cheryl gets all dolled up...complains about men starring at her chest...and fondly remembers someone named "Nancy."
  8. Marilyn reveals that Cheryl may have fondled a stranger during a ride.
  9. Allen bores us talking about 3-D movie effects.
  10. David reveals behind-the-scenes drama.
  11. Let's segue into Marilyn's Birthday Day.
  12. Let's all wish Marilyn a "Happy Birthday!"
  13. Janice remembers.
  14. The Birthday Girl poops out.
  15. Cheryl wistfully promises to go home "and live again."
  16. David is "too full to function."
  17. Vacation reminds Allen of childhood nightmare.
  18. Marilyn tries on her new Mickey Gloves and thanks everyone!

The end.

Filmed in Al-Bell-o-vision

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© 2007 Allen Bukoff