In the Spirit of FLUXUS
Wexner Center for The Arts
Columbus, Ohio
February 24, 1994

  1. Bring helium tank, balloons, and string to opening of exhibition.
  2. Inflate Fluxus Midwest Balloons and tie to varying lengths of string.
    Fluxus Midwest ballons have an "X" logo printed on one side and the More fun than regular art. More art than regular fun. tagline printed on opposite side.
  3. Handout inflated balloons to participants as they view the exhibition. Invite each balloon recipient to return to helium tank at 9pm to join in a "group performance."
  4. At 9 pm round-up and organize willing participants into the FLUXUS MIDWEST MARCHING SCHOOL-OF-FISH BAND. Basic instructions to the group: "Let's walk around the exhibition as a group holding a group of balloons."
  5. Walk around for approximately 5 minutes, encouraging various people to lead the group.
  6. Thank everyone and clap hands.

Organizing the band and getting ready to "move out."

The band on the march.

© 2007 Allen Bukoff & FLUXUS Midwest