How to play croquet

First game of the year, April, 2009

Back in the early days of eBay, Janice and I bought a bunch of old croquet sets (inexpensive broken sets, sets missing pieces--not collector's items).  We were mostly interested in acquiring cool looking old wooden croquet balls for decorative reasons.  For years now we have had a large wooden bowl filled with croquet balls in our living room.

I also found that some of the mallet heads made nice decorations by themselves and gave mixed sets of mallet heads away to various people.  Some of the more decorative croquet stakes and mallet sticks have been used as plant markers in our garden over the years and several permanently reside in my backyard Stick Garden.  

Some of what was left over from the various croquet sets remained on a shelf on the garage.  A couple of summers ago I took some of these remaining pieces out and put them on top of a wooden platform in our driveway--a makeshift table of old wooden palettes we have used to make our cement-block sculptures (the rocks on the various platform layers are from these projects).  I began arranging these croquet pieces into various stick "sculptures." I don't use any nails or fasteners. I just just lean the pieces up against each other.   Sometimes animals or the weather knocks part of it down. I try to rebuild it, and it often winds up being somewhat different after this.

- originally sent as an email, June 21, 2005

Winter photo, January, 2006

May 2006 rebuild (after collapse of previous structure

May 2007 -- another rebuild

front view

overhead view

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