Traveling exhibition

FLUXUS Midwest Year of the Hotdog

Mobile installation and performance. The trunk of my car became a traveling exhibition of a "SANDBAG FROM IOWA"--a major news story of the summer had been the severe flooding of the Midwest. The trunk opened to reveal a single sandbag (stolen from near a dike in Iowa City, Iowa) with "Sandbag from Iowa" sign. The trunk lid held the following additional signage: "FLUXUS MIDWEST TRAVELING EXHIBITION" and "FLUXUS Midwest" logo. Each exhibition/performance was staged like an opening: a small TV tray stand with crackers on paper plates, aerosol cheese spread, small juice boxes, a "Traveling Exhibition Visitor Register" book, and officially embossed visitor certificates. Exhibition/performance presented 11 times to more than 50 people at sites that included residential driveways, public streets, airport and office parking lots. Largest event in faculty parking lot of Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan. Photographs: Allen Bukoff, Paula Messner & Dave Roberts.
Photos from some of the exhibitions

Sometimes I just pulled up in front of people's houses or caught them as they were passing through Detroit.

Sometimes I planned ahead and handed out invitations, like this 14 x 1.625-inch strip of Xeroxed & rubberstamped paper.

I made sure to include my family.

The front, back, and insides of the 2.75 x 2.75-inch visitor certificate.

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