FLUXUS Midwest
Year of the Hot Dog

Performance:  The Sound of Fluxus

December, 1993
Center for Creative Studies
Detroit, Michigan

photos by Jean Mitchell

Five Center for Creative Studies students (Mike Davidson, Elena Schroeder, Marc Cogswell, Darren Mazarotti and Daniel Tu) performed specific behaviors
  • pointing
  • tipping hat
  • turning around
  • sticking tongue out
  • sitting down/standing up
while Allen Bukoff recited the Rodgers and Hammerstein song, "My Favorite Things."
Performance created and directed by Allen Bukoff.  Performance idea based on George Maciunasí In Memoriam to Andriano Olivetti Fluxus performance.  Performance given before one of Allen Bukoff's classes in his Psychology of Advertising course at the Center for Creative Studies.

Color-coded master score.
Each participant had a color-coded score that indicated just his or her actions.

sign announcing performance

sign listing participants

This was one of several activities Allen Bukoff conducted at the Center for Creative Studies during 1993 to promote Fluxus and to celebrate FLUXUS Midwest's Year Of The Hot Dog. This included providing information about Fluxus and the major Fluxus art exhibition that was touring the country. It also included a visit and performance from the Sandbag From Iowa traveling exhibition.

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