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Year of the Hot Dog


Wedding Reception/Band Reunion
July 3, 1993
Benny's Sports Bar
Akron, Ohio

More than 100 small manila envelopes, entitled "MARRIED IN AKRON," were handed out by me and the newlyweds at their band reunion/wedding reception.
A 2.25 x 3.5-inch manila envelope rubber stamped with "MARRIED IN AKRON" on the front and "rare collector's item" and date on the back. Contents: two wearable laminated head badges--1 x 1.25-inches--each with safety pin (blue head for the groom and pink head for the bride). A 2.375 x 1.5-inch clear plastic ziplock bag rubber stamped "RICE" and containing white rice. A 12-inch long piece of waxy string. A 4 x .5-inch piece of paper with "fortune cookie" type text. A 3.125 x 1.875-inch title/contents/reference card printed on gray cardstock and rubber stamped with the FLUXUS Midwest logo on the back.
This packet with laminated head badges is based on an earlier project. Sometime in the early 1980s Johnny had a birthday party and I made a little packet for that event. Inside a small manila envelope were two laminated badges, both blue heads, both saying "probably Johnny Teagle." One of them had a big "NOT" printed over "Johnny Teagle." An enclosed piece of paper suggested that if you thought "Johnny Teagle is the coolest person around here" you should wear the "probably Johnny Teagle" badge and if you didn't think that, then you should wear the "probably NOT Johnny Teagle" badge.

backsides of envelope and contents

Jane Keith helping me assemble packets. Photo taken July 3, 1993, by Chuck Keith in the Keith's dining room, Akron, Ohio.
I engaged in another Year-of-the-Hot-Dog activity at this wedding reception: I created a stage setting for Chuck Keith's band, The Hi-Fi's, by hanging 9 large vinyl inflatable Oscar Mayer hot dogs around the stage. Click here for photos.

Additional mailing
- to promote FLUXUS Midwest -
After the wedding, more than 30 of the "MARRIED IN AKRON" packets were also mailed out. This mailing included a folded piece of paper with "The Roots of Fluxus Midwest" printed on one side and a reproduction the one-page documentation I did of the Akron/Kent New Wave Rock 'n Roll Scene in 1980 (a special supplement to the New Wave Psychology Newsletter). Mailed in a 4 x 6-inch manila envelope.

A larger version of this document can be found here.

A larger version of this document can be found here.

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