In the tradition of St. Sparky:
fireworks for the people

Dislodged contents.
This contents display was inserted into each bag

Last year, for New Year's Eve, Saint Sparky's Elves bagged up and handed out some of the fireworks left over from summer. New Years is, after all, the original and largest fireworks occasion on the planet. This year, in 2006, Saint Sparky's Elves have acquired enough fireworks to create Saint Sparky handout bags for the Fourth of July and for New Years. The Fourth of July handout--featured here--is heavy on firecrackers and other fireworks more easily played with in warm weather. The New Year's fireworks bag is heavy on showering cones and colorful tubes--easier to light and play with in the winter cold.

One of Saint Sparky's Elves bagging fireworks.
Round and round we go.

The finished product.
This year Saint Sparky Fireworks bags came in brown paper sacks.

Front of ziplock.

Back of ziplock

The contents display.

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