Stick Seeds
by Susan Carpenter

Received in the mail from Susan Carpenter, January 9, 2006. Susan Carpenter lives on a pirate river boat in rural Iowa. Susan and her late husband Murray built this boat in California and then Susan transported it to her brother's farm outside of Coon Rapids, Iowa.

Report on the 2006 Stick Harvesting Season in Southeast Michigan

Email message sent in May, 2006: We've had a very good, unusually early stick growing season this spring--a combination of more rain and higher temperatures than usual, I think. Janice and I have decided to go ahead and harvest this crop of sticks from our stick garden now and see if another crop grows in. As you can see in the photo, the sticks are a little smaller in size than they are when full grown, but the flavor, surprisingly, is maybe even more intense than when they are fully ripe.

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